With the famous equation E=mc2, Albert Einstein proved when you come right down to it, EVERYTHING in the universe is composed of energy in one form or another.

It is my belief that all living plants,animals and humans possess an energetic body as well as a physical body.
Energy is our own personal life force; which happens to be the very essence of life.

Modern science has made many discoveries about the existence of the 'human energy field' and the ability to influence healing through manipulation of energy.

Since I have a passion for understanding the dynamics of how Energy Medicine works as well as assisting in the healing process, the following references are recommended in investigating the question of how energy healing has been studied, understood, and viewed in terms of Western science:

Vibration Medicine by Richard Garber, MDThe Field: The Quest for the Secret Force of the Universe by Lynne McTaggart (Highly recommended for understanding quantum physics and its relationship to healing) 

It is again my belief, as an energy medicine practitioner, the key element to restore and maintain health on the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual level is correcting the imbalance in the energy field of the body. I believe the energy field is the blueprint of the physical body. As humans, we must learn self awareness on all levels and take responsibility for our own bodies.

This website was designed not only to assist you in your personal healing process; but to inform as well. My name is Debora Johnson and I invite you to discover the amazing world of Energy Medicine and how it can affect your happiness, health, and over all well-being.
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